Light-weight & powerful

The smallest inflatable in the world

Easy to use

Step 1

As an addition to wearing the Kingii, we recommend you also wear a Personal Flotation Device.

Step 2

When Kingii is needed, pull the lever until the internal CO2 cartridge is pierced and the bag starts to inflate within seconds.

Step 3

Once Kingii is inflated, either swim to safety or call for assistance. You may also use the attached whistle.

Kingii is reusable

After usage, deflate the balloon, fold it and put it back into the pouch. Replace the CO2 cylinder carefully and the Kingii is ready to be used again.

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Quality is our top priority

Kingii is assembled in California

Dear Friends,

Quality is our top priority at Kingii. We have designed reliable quality management and testing processes which ensure that each wearable fulfills our quality standards.

In my professional career as an engineer, I contributed to building one of the leading producers of underwater robots worldwide. When a robot operates at the ground of the ocean, quality and reliability are the highest priorities. It is an honor to transfer my knowledge in engineering and quality management to Kingii.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Gyorfi

Technical specifications

Dimensions (non-inflated):

11x6,5x2,5 cm

Dimensions packaging:

15,5x10,1x6,2 cm

Weight of one Kingii incl. cartridge (excl. packaging)


Volume of gas:

5.89 l CO2


57.87 Newton